How Good Is Your Good?

im-goodWe all go through trials.  At some point in each of our lives, we struggle.  But, each of our struggles are as different as how we each handle them.

This is what I try to keep in mind when I hear someone say, “I am good.”

Good is a relative term for each of us.  I think it’s much like colors are for us.  Now, when I see the color blue, I know what it looks like to me.  But since I am the one one who can view the world with my own eyes, my blue may not be the same as your blue.  It could actually have a deeper hue to it, then someone else’s blue.

And, so it goes with having a “good” day.

For a woman whose child is fighting cancer, her good could be that her child was able to eat without throwing up.  Or that her child took another breath.

For someone living in poverty, good could be that a mother was able to scrape up enough food to feed her family that day.

My good could be that I had a wonderful day at the hair salon, complete with a Mani/Pedi…but more then likely my good is a day that doesn’t include screams of “I hate you!!!” or wet pants.

Now, for me, how good my good is, rests on how good my God is, and He is so Good.  He was Good when I married my best friend.  He was good when  my son, and daughter was born.  He was good when my husband died, and He was good when my daughter was diagnosed with PANDAS.

God is not only good all the time, but his goodness is not dependent on our goodness, and THAT… a very GOOD thing.


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