If I were to send out Christmas cards
To all of my sweet friends,
Would I really tell them every truth
Or use a rosey colored lens?

Would I make sure every shirt
Was tucked neatly into place
and picture perfect smiles
Were plastered on to every face?

Or would I be transparent
And share our every woe and strife
That some days we just barely make it
In this journey we call life

It’s true we have sweet memories
And moments that fill our hearts
Though often overshadowed
By times that tear us clear apart. 

Do we show the world our struggles
From the journey we’re all in
Or do we paint on our brave faces
As our attempt to just blend in? 

I believe you’ll find the answer
Somewhere on the middle line
Where we need to be transparent
But find joy in every time. 

For empathy is only gained
When we’re walking down beaten roads
And sharing pain, and tears and trials
Is how to lesson your heavy loads

PANDAS may be quite the thief
But there’s just one thing it can’t take
And that’s the hope that lies within us
A joy that can’t be faked

For despite it’s many efforts
To make this season a time of grief
It’s only made us stronger,
Able to stand up to this thief

So be encouraged my warrior friends.
To share both ups and downs.
For each one brings us unique perspective
And that’s where true joy is found.


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