The End

The End.  

What do you do when you truly reach the end?

I don’t mean when you get to the point where you feel like you need a 30 hour nap, a mammoth sized Hershey bar, and  a Big Gulp cup of Espresso.  

I mean, when you reach that point where you truly feel like you are one meltdown away from walking out, and getting on an airplane heading to anywhere but your current situation.  

The true end of your rope.  When, after treading water for what seems like an eternity, you finally reach the end of your exhaustion, and the only thing keeping you from throwing your hands up in desperation is the fact that you lack the energy it would take to even get your hands up.  

What do you do then? 

Friends, I’ll be honest here.  While I have always tried to write my blog posts with the mindset that people from all walks of life may or may not  read them, I honestly have no idea how to get beyond the end of your rope, without God. 

Now, that said, I think I there are practical things that hopefully anyone can use, regardless of your beliefs.  

Ok, back to The End. 

What do you do when you are just about to drown in what seems like your very own tears.  

You ask for help.  

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking of all the people you’ve already gone to for help, only to be ignored or turned away. 

But, who do we usually go to when we need help?  Why, we go to our tribe of people who are walking  the very same road we are, of course!  I think this is where we do ourselves a huge disservice.

While we may gain empathy and comfort from those going through the same trials we are, keep in mind that they are also likely to be just as exhausted, and burned out as you are, in your depleated current state.  

This is why it’s so important to be able to reach outside your own tribe.  I know it’s scary, and uncomfortable.  But think of it this way.  If you are a novice swimmer, and you find yourself in trouble, while way over your head, who are you going to call out for help to.  Another novice swimmer?  Of course not!  Sure, they may know what it’s like to almost drown, but if you want to get out alive, you call for help from one who actually knows how to save you.  

The Lifeguard.  

Not only is he trained to get you back on dry land, but he’s also trained to breathe life back into you, if you get to that point.  

“But what if you are swimming in waters where no lifeguard is even on duty?”

Oh, but sweet friends, not only is He on duty, but He’s already there holding you up.  

Only, just like someone drowning, our instincts kick in, and we fight.  We flail and thrash about, trying desperately to get just one more gulp of air onto our starving lungs, only in reality, all we really need to do is rest in His arms, as He takes us to higher ground.  

I hope with all of my heart that you have the same lifeguard as I do.  But, if you don’t, then I would encourage you to still seek help from someone.  Someone who is strong enough to carry you through the riptide, and smart enough to get you to shore.  That could be a counselor, a parent, or an older friend. 

I know asking for help isn’t easy, but we won’t be much good to anyone, unless we save ourselves first.  It’s why flight attendants tell us to put the Oxygen masks on ourselves, before placing them on our kids.  

Despite what you may or may not have been taught, this isn’t selfishness.  It’s survival.  

“But, I don’t want to just survive.  I want to thrive.  How do I do that?”

You keep at it.  You keep plugging away, taking one step at a time until one day you find yourself floating along in quiet, still waters, with the rapids far behind you, and you realize that instead of reaching the end, you are really at The Beginning.  


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