Reality Bites

I took these pictures about 30 minutes apart. The first picture I took for a subreddit I mod – r/Muglife – as I was sitting on my front porch enjoying my afternoon coffee. Those are the type of pictures that I usually post on Facebook. I try to add something inspirational, about how blessed I am, and how I know things could be so much worse.

And, they can.

They absolutely can.

However, my reality is the second picture, which happened about a half hour later. My daughter went from wanting to swim, to screaming that she hated me with all of her heart, and then preceded to break my favorite mug, knowing that that would hurt me.

I know it’s not her. I know it’s brain inflammation.

I know.

But, there are some days where doubt comes crashing in harder then my coffee mug hit the walkway today.

And, then I wonder…. Is this inflammation? Or is this now her true self?

Reality bites.

It bites hard.

And fast.

And, like a feral dog that we are trying desperately to befriend, it bites when we least expect it.

I wish I wish I had answers on how to tame this beast.

I know we aren’t the only ones going through this reality hell. But, the problem, is that they are just as weary and beaten down as I am.

Knowing that others are out there with their own broken coffee mugs, comforts me, and breaks my heart all at the same time.

Reality does indeed bite. But, with each broken coffee mug I have learned to bite back just a little harder.

It isn’t even that I’m tough, or a warrior, or built for this, because I can assure you that no mother is built to go through sheer hell.

We do out of survival. What other choice do we have?

We don’t.

And, that is our every day reality.

So, to all you mothers out there who have been bitten by reality. I aam giving you a big virtual hug. Mainly, because now I can’t raise my coffee cup to you, for obvious reasons.

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