My Kid Went to School Today

I know that’s not usually a monumental sort of accomplishment. Certainly doesn’t make for an eye catching blog post title. I mean, you won’t find magnets, or bumper stickers or T-Shirts that say “My kid made it to school today” or “I bet my stack of truancy letters is higher then yours” but, if you are the parents of a PANDAS child…you know.

We fight battles every day that we never even knew could exsist, before PANDAS entered into our lives. After a while, we even fight battles that we don’t even know we are fighting, until we talk to a friend, and realize that most people don’t look at things like brushing teeth, or hair, or eating different foods that may slightly be touching as potential for awakening The Kraken.

Sure, our kids are tough as nails. And for the most part we are too. But, toughness does not make one immune to pain.

Our battles don’t get any easier, the more we fight. In some ways they get harder, because we are constantly looking out for the enemy at every turn, and dark corner.

PTSD is common occurrence soldiers, whether fighting wars across the globe, or PANDAS, at home. I recently read that the caregiver burdon for caring dor a child with PANDAS is greater then caring for an Alzheimer’s patient…and I believe it.

You see, not only are we fighting this ugly demon of a neurological disorder, but we are watching our kids’ childhoods slip away, day by day.

I will say that the longer you fight, your army does usually increase in size, and for that I am grateful.

My army knows that having my child go to school IS monumental.

Now, tomorrow she may not. But today, I will celebrate this win. Excuse me while I go do my victory dance, and drink an absurd amount of coffee, because this victory came with a most wonderful prize: seven hours of Alone Time.


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