Top Ten Apps for PANDAS Parents (in no particular order)

Here are the apps that I use and love, though there are tons more. All of these apps are available for iPhone and Android, and are free for basic use. Which apps would you.almdd go my list? Let me know in the comments!

Abridge: This app allows you to record (with your Dr’s permission) your visit, and will transcribe the key points, and medical terms, all while keeping your information private and safe.

Flare Down: This is an excellent symptom tracker, but so much more!  It not only tracks symptoms, but weather changes, foods, medications, activities, and lists thousands of supplements and alternative treatments.

GoodRX: With GoodRX you can enter in your child’s prescriptions, and it will give you the best prices, and coupons for the stores near you.  Sometimes it’s cheaper than your co-pay!

Message Pill Reminder: It can be hard keeping track of all the medications and supplements that our kids take, but this app can really help!  It will send you reminders of when it’s time for the next dose, as well as if you need to refill, and if there are any known drug interactions between the medications listed in your profile.

Migraine Buddy: While many of our kids do, unfortunately suffer from migraines, this app is still useful even for those who don’t, since it tracks humidity, pressure, general weather, symptoms, and medications.

Sanvello:. When you have a chronically ill child, self care is SO important.  This app helps with anxiety, depression, and stress by using CBT, Meditation, health and wellness tracking, and the support of a community.  Plus, it’s covered by a lot of insurances.

Ada: Ada is a symptom tracker app, and while it doesn’t list PANDAS or PANS, is it quite good at diagnosing other issues. Plus, it has a symptom tracker.

Allergy Eats: With so many of our kids having allergy issues and intolerances, this app is great for finding allergy friendly restaurants.  You can input your allergens – they have the top 8 plus two more – and it will show the results in your area. Great tool for vacations!

EWG’s Healthy Living: Since our kids can be so sensitive to ingredients in products, this app is great at keeping you informed of what is toxic, and what isn’t.  They have over 100,000 different foods and personal care products listed, where you can check out ingredients as well as reviews.

Moon: This app will send you notifications for upcoming full and new moons.  Need I say more? While the link on their website is for the Apple Store, it is also available for Android as well.

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