Love, Liam

hands-istock-infant-holding-mothers-hand-bwA year ago I got the privilege of being able to say goodbye to a precious baby, that I never got to meet. His mother was my daughter’s PreK teacher last year, and his Grandfather was the man who married my husband and I, and then 2 1/2 short years later, preformed his funeral. As you can imagine, this family is very precious to me.

When I got home from Little Liam’s funeral, I spent a long time with God, and these are the words that He laid on my heart.

I pray they are able to bring comfort to those whose little ones were brought to Heaven sooner then expected.

Dear Mommy of mine,
I can see every tear,
As you cry out to God,
To just hold you near.

I watched as you counted
My ten tiny toes,
Ten little fingers,
And a pink button nose.

I saw as you breathed in
My sweet baby smell.
As you fought back the sobs,
and tried not to yell.

You told me I’d see Jesus,
In just a short while,
Blinking back tears,
With a sad, knowing smile.

I listened as you hummed me,
A soft lullaby,
Relaxed in your arms,
I breathed out a sigh.

I felt so secure,
As my Daddy held me tight,
Then all of a sudden,
There was a beautiful light.

So warm and so peaceful,
Did you feel it too?
It covered us all,
Like the morning’s first dew.

I love you and miss you,
More then you know,
But Jesus holds me now,
And He’ll never let go.

I knew Him, you know,
Right from the start.
He said I was special,
And had been set apart.

“Your life may be short,
Little one,” He told me,
“But it will bring forth great blessings,
Just you wait and see.”

But I still have life,
Even more so, indeed.
For I’m with my Father,
For all eternity.

You will be too,
In the blink of an eye,
As lovers of Christ,
There is no “goodbye”

Just “I’ll see you soon!”
Sweet Mommy of mine,
And we’ll be together,
Forever this time.

.    Liam


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